Kick Ass 2: 7/10

Kick Ass 2 has received some mixed reviews since its release last month, and this is most likely down to the high expectation that the success of the first film brought to the table. It was Original and funny and as a result the sequel really did have a lot to live up too, and like most other fans I have admit that it falls a bit short. The narrative isn’t as unique and admittedly you don’t get the same impact from the characters, because you already know them so well from Kick Ass 2’s predecessor, however that doesn’t mean that it’s not brilliant. Kick Ass 2 still packs a punch, with non stop laughs, breathtaking action and characters you still really care about. Hit Girl (played by Chloe Moretz) is back and she’s nearly as awesome as ever, all be it with more cheesy one liners, and less “kick ass” fight scenes. Aaron Johnson expertly portrays Kick Ass (just as he did in the first film) as his character is faced with the difficulties of a tough love life and a burning desire to be part of a super hero league, whilst also trying to keep those closest to him safe. Jim Carrey is another big name that was added to the bill for this sequel; potentially dangerous as he is such a love him or hate him kind of guy. Luckily though, Carrey does a good job as Colonel Stars and Stripes, he is funny and makes the character his own. The show is stolen however by Christopher Mintz-Plasse who perfectly executes his role as Chris D’Amico, later to be known as super villan, “The MotherF**ker”, whos comedic failures completely make the film! To add to this, his issues are more than fixed for him by his own league of fierce super villains, which keeps his character threatening as well as hilarious. The film as a whole, is ideal for a laugh with your friends, and offers huge entertainment, even if it does fail to live up to a lot of ambitious expectations in terms of story and originality. Then again, I think it’s fair to say its impossible to make a squeal as original as an original, so maybe it would be ok to cut the film a little slack in that department.

Kick Ass 2- Final Score: 7/10

Although at times Kick Ass 2 lacks the spark that made the original such a hit, overall this is a great film, that most fans will love, as it gives more of the same action packed comedy we have come to expect from this franchise.

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4 thoughts on “Kick Ass 2: 7/10

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  2. I agree that this is a week sequel. I scored my review lower then yours but I still enjoyed the movie for what it was.

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