5 films worth looking forward to in 2013: Part 1 – Catching Fire

It has been 11 long days since my last post, but in all fairness I’m 18, I’m a male, and GTA 5 came out last week. Frankly It’s a miracle that I have managed to rip myself away from the screen long enough to write anything. WARNING THIS POST MAY INCLUDE SPOILERS!

There may only be just over 3 months left of the year, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing left to look forward to on the big screen in 2013. Over the next few weeks I shall be listing 5 films that I cannot wait to role into my local cinema in the final months of this year, starting with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.   File:The Hunger Games-Catching Fire Theatrical Poster.jpg

Following the success of the first film, Lionsgate bring us the highly anticipated sequel to the movie adaptation of Susan Collins popular novel series. As you might expect the same cast of stars return for Catching Fire, including Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen and fans everywhere will be dying to see another great performance from the admired young actress.

(If you don’t want to know any details for this film, I suggest you stop reading now)

Catching Fire follows up where the last film left off. Katniss Everdeen and fellow champion Peeta Mellarck (Played by Josh Hutcherson) return home to their families after narrowly escaping the 74th annual Hunger Games with their lives. The reunion is short lived however as with a warning from President Snow still fresh in her ears, Katniss must embark on a victory tour, parading through all of the districts without encouraging escalation for an already brewing rebellion. Then there is the Quarter quell to worry about, which is effectively the Hunger Games with a twist, and it brings with it some horrific news for both Katniss and Peeta. They are going back into the arena. If you thought the first games where a challenge for our heroes, wait until you see them thrown into a fight to the death with 22 former victors of past Hunger Games.

3 things to look forward to:

  1. The Arena: If you have read the books or even seen the trailer for Catching Fire you should understand the fans excitement at the incredible environment for the 75th Games
  2. The Peeta v.s Gale Saga: As katniss struggles through inner turmoil over where her heart truly lies, it should be very interesting to see how both Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) portray their characters in their pursuit of District 12’s female champion.
  3. The New additions to the cast:  the addition of more characters means more actors and actresses to represent the loved and hated personas of the Catching Fire Novel. It should be great to see how the performances from the new additions to the franchise go down with the book fans and thier high expectations.

The Hunger Games may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are a fan of the books or you found yourself entertained by Catching Fires predecessor, it would be hard not to look forward to this Blockbuster. (Releasing November 22nd)

(Image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Hunger_Games-Catching_Fire_Theatrical_Poster.jpg)


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