BFI Film Academy: London to Glasgow trip review Part 2

After a jam packed day one, I was awoken for the second day in a row by the unwanted sound of my alarm. We may have had a hugely exciting day planned, but I’m a teenager and I’d only had 6 hours sleep so unsurprisingly I was probably a total chore to be around that morning. Only the mentally challenging London tube maze got my act together in time for stop number 1.

After a short tube ride back to the city centre it was time for a typically film themed lunch, at Planet Hollywood, before the talk that I was most looking forward to.

Empire Magazine is the biggest film magazine in the world and attending a talk from assistant editor, Ian Freer, was fantastic. I’m sure this won’t surprise anyone (as I have a film review blog) but writing for Empire Magazine would be a dream come true, and spending three quarters of an hour in the building where the magazine is produced did not lessen my desire to work there one day. The most striking aspect of Empire’s work force was the fact that everyone displayed a huge love for film. It was becoming very clear that all of the qualifications in the world will do no good in the film industry without knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, the subject.

Last on the list for today was a tour of special effects company ‘Double Negative’ and although this is an area of the industry that I have never been interested in pursuing, I can honestly say that it was one of the most amazing places I have ever been. It’s such a fantastic and modern building, full of signed posters from stars and directors. With various awards displayed majestically throughout this incredible building, I am fairly convinced that this will be the closest I will ever get to an Oscar,  and it was such an impressive setting in which to see it.

Day 2 of our London and Glasgow trip was fantastic, and I feel genuinely privileged to have visited such incredible and influential companies. All that remained was a quick train journey up to Scotland, ready for a day at the Glasgow film festival. We had been promised entrance to  a few screenings,  including a premier of the new comedy from Wes Anderson ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. All will be revealed in part 3.

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