Film Rant: Too Many Sequels

One of the things that has always annoyed me about the film industry is sequels; or at least unnecessary and forced sequels. The kind that are shoved into the cinemas to make money even if they don’t really belong. They exist only to make more money and to milk a franchise dry until there is nothing left. For a classic example look at some of the popular books that are stretched into one too many feature length films, in order to cash in that little bit more on die hard fans. For me “The Hobbit” is a good example to use for this point. Even 2 films would be pushing it, but for Peter Jackson to have the balls to make a relatively small Childrens book into 3 feature length movies really does take it too far. In fairness though it’s not just “The Hobbit”. “Harry Potter” and  “Twilight” are both examples of popular book series that I think should have one less film attached to their IMDb profiles. The Deathly Hallows most certainly did not need two films; the Goblet of Fire possibly did but the Deathly Hallows…. No, not for me anyway, and Breaking dawn; well the fact that twilight was ever put on the big screen was a travesty, but making two dragged out movies for the final book in the series filled with montages of the previous films just to fill in a running time is a classic case of an unnecessary money grabbing sequel. But then again with a combined profit of over $2 billion between them I don’t think the executives will find it too hard to sleep at night even if the franchises they are trying to portray are not done justice. It could be argued though that all of this harshness towards these films is unjustified; I mean the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is loved by most fans and (although it’s not saying much) Breaking Dawn Part 2 has the highest rating on “Rotten Tomatoes” out of all of the Twilight films. As far as I am concerned the worst culprit for this greed is most certainly the “Saw” franchise. I’m well aware that these horror films are not everyone’s cup of tea and some people will actively avoid them, and if you are one of those people then I ask you to just believe me when I say that the first 3 are brilliant. Strong story lines and dilemmas that really make you think, they are far from pointless blood and gore. The 4 cash ins that followed however, were the complete opposite! As the directors changed and the narrative got itself into more and more knots, any credibility the original 3 films had built up, proceeded to bleed out slowly and painfully, with the final blow being struck through a 3D final chapter that removed any remaining realism or structured narrative for ludicrously complicated traps, fire and pink blood.

Unfortunately though, the fact of the matter is that, as long as unnecessary sequels keep rolling in the cash, they will never stop rolling onto our big screens. 😦

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