I’m Back! (Hopefully)

Its been a long time since I posted on this blog. With the stresses of A level life my reviews have had to take a back seat, but hopefully I’m back to stay (for now at least). There have been lot of great films that have been released recently and I hope to have my say on all of them!

Update! Today I was given the wonderful news that I have an essay due in tomorrow and dailies for my A2 short film on Thursday so yet again blogging has had to fall down my list of priorities 😦 but never mind half term is coming up so fingers crossed my teachers will be merciful and give me a break in the holidays. Until then, reviews are again on hold but I’m doing my best!



Lights, Camera, Action!

Finally! After 1 whole year of telling friends and family that I am going to kick start my career as a film critic by setting up a blog, my girlfriend has made me one (wow I’m lazy) Moaning, criticism, awful grammar and occasionally…………very occasionally praise: this blog will have it all, as I dive into the endless sea’s of world cinema and media. I can’t wait to get started!